Can't see my local iPad movies

Infuse is not showing my iPad local movies.
When I go to upload, the movies are there.


Infuse v3 Pro.

if you put them the right place,like documents?

Sorry, i don’t understand.
I had uploaded vía infuse, my movies some time ago. I could watch it without problems.
Now (may be after some infuse update?) i can’t see any movie in the Infuse list.
If i try to upload again, it ask me if I want to replace the file.

Oh,sorry,this isnt happen to me.
check the right is just a suggestion,if it didnt help,me either.

No problem.

The movies are mp4 files, may be because of this?
I’ll be testing with avi or mkv files.

Is not working with mkv movies.
Is there a solution for this?
I can only see the devices in my network. And, i can watch the movies from a remote machine, but not from my local files.