can't see iTunes synced movies


I’ve been using Infuse for quite a while now. Today I synced some digital copys (and other videos for testig) with my iPad, I can watch them in the video app, but they are not shown in Infuse (like they did before). I have an iPad 3 and Ifuse 1.5. I tried syncing various movies but none would show up in Infuse. Am I doing something wrong, or missed something?



This is an issue with iOS 7, and how it categorizes certain movies.

We’ve found some movies will be placed in the ‘home videos’ category, and these movies are not getting imported correctly in teh current version of Infuse.

This should be resolved in Infuse 2.

Ah ok, thanks for the reply.

I will be looking forward to version 2 even more :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the version 2 and cannot see my movies which are there in the video app.
Is there any limitation?BR

Is it purchased content that is missing? Unfortunately, Infuse does not currently support purchased iTunes content.

ok that explains it :wink:


Thank you and have a merry x-mas.


When will I be able to see the content of the Home Video category in Infuse. I waited for it in Version 2.0 and now even in 2.1 it is not working.




I have version 2.3 pro and it's only picking up 1 of my movies (the only non-DRM in 'Films') - all other ripped/non-DRM movies are in 'home videos' not 'Films'. any ETA for a fix?