Can't see apple's menu bar when using firefox

I have firefox working, and am using mobile air mouse. I can get to the menu items using the cursor, but the actual menu bar is pushed up off-screen. I’ve fiddled with the resolutions is atv and my sony tv. Any ideas?

I’m getting the same thing (Firefox and Air Mouse) but haven’t found a resolution yet (Panasonic 42" Plasma HDTV) if I do I’ll post it.

I’m having the same issue. I’ll try to fiddle with it also.

I’m using Air Mouse to control the cursor. May I ask what you all use?


Air Mouse

Rowmote Pro is also a good option.

I have been having this problem since I installed aTv Flash. Seems as if the resolution setting on a monitor is too low. I have not been able to find a solution. Using 52" Sony Bravia XBR.

Boxee has decent options to adjust the screen appearance, overscan, ratio etc. and that works great within that application, but it doesn’t stick ATVwide unfortunately.

The menu bar is there, but some TVs have overscan rates that hide it. The best option would be to use 1080p, and you may be able to adjust the picture’s location through your TV settings.

I am having the same issue with the menu bar. I can adjust the framing down via adjustments in the tv, but when going to full screen for a flash video I have to readjust the image. Is there a way to adjust the resolution to fit my tv, as would happen when using my television as a second monitor?


Any update to this problem´s resolution ? My TV settings do not allow to zoom out the image, only zoom in.

With 1080i (the max res of my TV) I cannot see the menu bar, lowering it to 720 allows it partially. Also, the right and left sides of the maximized window are also hidden.

There is no "Display" option in preferences like in OSX to set the resolution..........

Also a question, how do I resize the Firefox window ? The resizing icon doesn´t work...................................


Any help will be highly appreciated.............................