Can't run Seas0nPass "filesystem patches failed!!"

Hi there,

My Apple TV2 completely crashed earlier this week - white LED Was responding to remote button presses, but screen was frozen. A number of reboots failed to solve the problem. Only thing for it was a iTunes based restore… which of course put the latest iOS version on there. SO I’m having to attempt a tethered jailbreak. If only I could get that far…

I’ve followed the instructions on how to carry out a Jailbreak, but I can’t even mange to create the IPSW. I have downloaded the suggested file (4.4.3 (9A405l)) and am using the latest version of Seas0nPass

Seas0nPass goes through the motions (unzips IPSW, patching ramdisk etc) but fails giving me the “filesystem patches failed!!” message.

Any clues… my aTV has now become a paperweight :(


This is just not fair, I have tried several time and it is  waste of time, help please!