can't run Boxee or XBMC since 4.0 update

I updated today, and the update seemed to run smoothly and without incident, other than ATV needing to reboot itself a 2nd time during the install. All is running well, menus look correct for the added features,etc - but - when trying to launch either Boxee or XBMC, I get an error saying that it “can’t be run from location (path)”, with the full path indicated that it’s trying to execute it from. How do I correct this?

Hi Klcoll

i had this same problem but what i done is go into the top tab saying XBMC/Boxee go to downloads and download XBMC 9.04.1 then it will tell you to press menu then fingers crossed it should work for you

let us know how you get on


There is no top tab named Boxee/XMBC. My top tab is nitoTV. There isn’t an option to download. One aside, I did get the external drive to work after many restarts to get it to showup and be selected. The only thing I’m using update 4 for is to use this external drive. Not worth $50.00!

when you formatted your USB drive with ATV Flash did you check off XBMC / Boxee?
it is not checked by default.

her it is

Thanks abuseif. It did the trick. If you run the launcher again, it erases the BOXEE/XBMC drop-down menu.