Can't resume playback unless set in config

I’m using Infuse Pro 6.7 (3858). I have my AppleTV set to auto-update, but if this isn’t up to date, I can update it.

For a number of reasons I have Infuse set to NOT resume playback. I need background noise while working (I refer to it as BGTV - BackGround TV). Generally if I leave a show to play or shuffleplay, I don’t notice much, other than, from the voices, which show is on. I’ve found it distracting when the prompt comes up to resume playing a video or to restart it. Overall, the best way is to just turn off Resume Playback.

But then there’s another frustration with that: If I’m actually watching and paying attention to a show and I have to stop, then come back, there is NO way to resume playing that show. The menus I get when pressing the main button or the play button on my AppleTV remote do not even provide that as an option.

I’m sure the response will be, “Well, yeah, you’ve turned it off, so it’s off.” But there are different situations for using Resume. When shuffle playing or just binging through a folder, that’s one situation and it’s a “live” situation: Continue playing or stop and ask about it. (And if I remember, can’t we turn that prompt on and off?) When it’s off, I get that just pressing play should just play from the start, but it’s frustrating that there apparently isn’t even the option to resume on the menu for either the normal button or the play button. I doubt that’s much programming, since the functions are there and it’s a matter of adding another menu option and just calling the right routine.

Is it that this option is completely binary, with no middle ground, or is there some way to resume playback through a submenu or something else somewhere?

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