Can't restore Infuse purchase

In have 5 Apple TV 4’s in my home, all running version – 6.3.5. I had upgraded to a lifetime subscription last March. Since then, everything has been working great. Yesterday, I disconnected one of them and when I reconnected it, I get the “Upgrade to Infuse Pro” screen when I try to play a movie. Pressing the “restore” key doesn’t do anything. I even tried deleting the app and re downloading, still nothing. The Apple TV is logged in with the same Apple ID that I bought the subscription to and the device has an internet connection. Infuse on the other 4 ATV’s are working fine.

I’m trying to determine if this is an Apple TV issue or an Infuse issue. Has anyone had a similar issue?

On iOS and Apple TV it’s possible to be signed into one account for iCloud, and another for the App Store.

I would check to ensure you are signed in to the correct App Store account on the Apple TV. This can be done in Settings > User and Accounts > XXX’s Account > Store

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That was it. Something must have changed. It was logged in with to the store with a different ID


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