Can't restore ATV2: for new jailbreak

I have the older versions of AT2 jailbroken and working OK.  I want to update to the latest ATV2 and then the newest jailbreak, I assume this is how it is done.  However, I cannot update my ATV2 or restore it.    When I try to update, it says iTunes is not available. When I try to restore it just hangs there.  I have a non-jailbroken ATV2 and it updates fine. I suppose I am missing the obvious. 

What you currently have on the ATv2 is irrelevant. You simply need to repeat the jailbreak process using the latest firmware and the latest SeaonPass.

I figured that out, but it still didn’t work.  So, I tried the Jailbreak, didn’t work.  SO, I restored from iTunes to the latest ATV2 then jail broke it and then it all went just fine.