Can't play video files

Is just ripped some DVD’s and transferred them to the ATV. Folowed the instructions and used bith mactheripper and ripit.
But when i want to play the DVD within the Nito TV menu > Play , it doesn’t work !
I just see for a second the apple logo but the DVD is not playing !
What am i doing wrong ?

Regards, Joep

Has the Smart Installer been ran?

I also have this exact problem (yes the smart installer has been run)

Have you guys found out how to do this yet, I’m still stumped.

As of yet no. I have a support case open for this though.

Are other people storing their DVD images on NFS? I wonder if that might be the problem. Any tips or anyone with a working configuration example would be very much apreciated!

One way I’ve got things to work is:

Use MactheRipper to burn a copy to a 1TB External Volume called “DVD”
In Mac Sharing set the “DVD” Volume as Shared and click Options to set if for Samba Sharing
On AppleTV run Boxee and Browse Network and DVD appears
Browse the folders of DVD’s/names and double-click on one to Play

Only thing I find is that once I’m ‘in’ a DVD the ‘Menu’ button doesn’t get me out and I have to reboot the ATV :-\