Can't Play Other Features on DVD

This is a hit or miss depending on the DVD, when I select scene selection or select episode, S goes back to the list of movies/tv shows. Not sure why this is happening. When I play the same files on my Mac mini, no problem.

What application on AppleTV are you playing the DVD in? Have you tried XBMC?

All the DVDs are ripped (un-compressed) and played using Sapphire. I have not messed with XBMC; I will give it a shot. Thank you

I like the layout but when selecting features it sometimes takes me back to the movie folder, similar to S.

What program was used to rip the DVDs?

I use Rip-it. After some more testing it appears for whatever reason Rip-it didn’t rip right. I ripped it again and now everything plays in S as well as xbmc, although S seems easier to use.