Can't Play Movies (MKV) But TV Shows Are Fine

Not sure what I am doing wrong here but I can’t get MKVs to play in XBMC that are large movies. TV shows that are MKV (and smaller) work without any issues.


It says to check the log when it won’t play (how do you do that on ATV 2?)


Any help for a noob?



I think I figured out the cause but I don’t know the solution.

Couch Potato is downloading using Sabnzbd+. Couch Potato is moving the movies after they are completed into their own folders (each movie has it’s own folder). These folders are not accessible fully it seems. I moved the folders manually and then I could stream. Any new movies though I can’t unless I move them again.


Any thoughts?



Here is info from the log. 


(made data a little more anonymous) 

19:39:56  DEBUG: DoWork - trying to extract filestream details from video file smb://NAS/Public/Movies/Movie 1 (2010)/Movie Title.mkv

19:39:56  DEBUG: OpenDir - Using authentication url smb://NAS/Public

19:39:56  DEBUG: CFileSMB::Open - opened Public/Movies/Movie 1 (2010)/Movie Title.mkv

19:39:56  INFO: FileSmb->Open: Unable to open file : 'smb://NAS/Public/Movies/Movie 1 (2010)/Movie Title.mkv ’

                                            unix_err:‘d’ error : ‘Permission denied’


It appears to be a permissions error but my the folder is located in the Public folder of my QNAP NAS which is open to all on the network and the same place where my TV shows are hosted.


Any help would be amazing.


Thanks so much!