Cant play movie - just get an upgrade advert

Since I updated the app a couple of days ago I’ve been unable to play movies. All I get is an advert for an upgrade.

Can someone advise on how I can get around this and get back to watching my movies?

Many thanks

Some video types require Pro.

No way around that. Sorry. :frowning:

Any info on what dictates the requirement for pro? Is it certain file types, audio format etc?

Many thanks

Same problem for me. Worked fine a couple of days ago, updated the app and now it won’t let me watch some of my videos anymore. The Upgrade icon covers the screen insisting you upgrade (and it ain’t cheap) for features I won’t use. You can’t get around it. The kicker is many of us have already paid money for the initial versions of Pro and now you’re saying we have to pay again for what was working just days before. It’s a shame.

same problem ?
i watch a 26 episodes tvshow, files are ogm (xvid 640px - mp3 ogg vorbis), watch 15 episodes with a charm but now the others episodes (same codecs) won’t play and an advert for upgrade pop up each time.
Now when i want to add a film or tvshow (avi xvid codec for exemple) it won’t play…
but i always can watch the episodes that i’ve watched before

i tested this with iphone 5s and ipad mini 2, both on the the latest 9.3.1 ios system
the files are on an smb shared drive

could you tell if its a bug or a limitation (numbers of files) ??

(sorry for my broken english)


Infuse doesn’t have any kind of limits with regard to how many videos you can play, but some videos do require Pro (this includes some DivX and Xvid videos).