Can't play MEGA videos


I’m the only one having problem to play a video?

My cloud service is MEGA. Right now it’s super slow. Can’t watch anything but my internet speed is good (250Mbs)

I don’t know if it’s MEGA or a problem with infuse.

I can just about guarantee that it’s Mega’s server that is having the problem. I’ve hit several slow connections with them.

Internet speed won’t tell you to real story, you may want to try to DL the file via browser and see what it gives for speed and even then that’s not a for sure indicator since the file may be residing on multiple servers and depending on which Mega chooses for that particular DL it may vary.

Yes, the problem was mega. Had to also sent them a link of my files to them identify the server with problem. Thank you.


I really appreciate the follow up. Glad you got it resolved! :+1:

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