Can't play Inferno UHD on Apple tv 4K


I have apple tv 4k
I play uhd rip from inferno
But movie stutters
It is original rip

What software are you using to do the rip?

didn’t do it by myself
Downloaded it by
[link removed]

Upload a sample please. I’ll try to play on my apple tv since it is playing everything I have thrown at it.

I can’t make a sample video
The file is 56GB big
And can’t find a program that split it in al small file without edditing the original file

You have an option to split the output file. Just abort the job once you have the extract you need. (in the output job tab)
I use the “unsupported” Mac binaries and they work very well.

UHD HDR files are now fully supported in Infuse 5.6 and later! :smiley:

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