Cant play Audio only? mp3 or m4a?

i cant seem to play any music using infuse? it’s just plain mp3 or m4a… 

its shared in shared folder; aka (//computer/music/albumname/track.mp3)



This has been bought up before!  Apparently the current version of inFuse can only play audio that is embedded in a video file. 

James has said that Firecore may look at chnging this in a future release but gave no definite committment.

It is disappointing that it doesn’t support audio as probably would be trivial for them. Infuse is probably the best video player app in IOS and audio support would make it the best media player, even if it doesn’t add more features appart of playing audio. I think is really good the way you can access to the file as a file system as in a PC, not only in the device but also in the network. For people that have no time to tag files is a time saver.

MP3 and AAC are listed as supported in version 7, but still I have the same problem as above: a folder containing AAC or MP3 files only is reported as empty.

Is this still expected?


The AAC and MP3 support is when these audio formats are used for the audio track in a video file, not an audio only file.

I would love it if Infuse would support Audio only files (like it did way back in the Infuse Black days on an ATV2), but I understand their concentration on supporting video formats.

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As explained by others in this thread and the other one you posted in, the audio formats listed refer to the containers inside the videos that Infuse can play.

If you’d like to add your support for the feature of adding a music player function to Infuse you can add your support in the following thread by liking the first post in that thread. :wink:

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