Can't play a title

This is driving me nuts. I have a standard DVD that I ripped years ago. VOBs. Can play it no issues with almost anything out there except Infuse on my Aptv4k. All is up to date with the latest and greatest.

I converted to mkvs which again play fine everywhere else but still not with infuse.

Powerdvd, VLC and so on have no issues.

The mkvs are 480p dolby digital.

How on earth can I get some answers and support for this software I am paying for?

Maybe you could run the MKV file through mediainfo and post the results here?

Here you go!

One is for one track converted to a mkv and the other is the main VOB file from the iso.

title_t08.mkv_MediaInfo.txt (4.4 KB) VTS_01_1.VOB_MediaInfo.txt (2.9 KB)

Sorry for the trouble.

If you have a chance, would you be able to upload one of these videos so that we can test it here?

I am not being allowed to upload a mkv. Now what???

Oh I see Dropbox. Duh!

oKay upload one mkv file which is I think track 8 and the entire iso rip file that was zipped. Thank for the support. Really love to be able to play this.

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Thanks for the samples!

We’re looking into what may be going on here.

Any progress? Can’t understand why this can’t play only with this software.


This is still under investigation.

Thanks for your patience.

Still Waiting and paying? Why is it so difficult to get a answer? Can you at least tell me if you experience the same issue with the sample files?


Any word still on a fix for playing this file? I do have other bugs from time to time playing ISO files. Never really 100% and it seems it will never be I am guessing.
I am debating on cancelling my subscription and using PowerDVD. I tired the trial player and works greats! Plays anything I can throw at it.

It doesn’t run on appletv which is probably why is works.

I would appreciate a refund or some free months for the lack of usage, bugs and lack of support. That may keep me from cancelling.

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