Cant not install aTV Flash

Hi all

Im having some trouble patching my apple tv. I followed the instructions to a T, and it just isnt happening for me.

Alittle background firstly , i created the patch stick as was told to, and everything went smoothly. Then i went to my apple tv and restored it, and updated to the latest version ( us australians got a update about 1 week ago due to us getting movies for rentals and so forth, so maybe thats affecting it ? ) after all the restoring and updating, i unplugged it placed the usb stick in, and away it went, i got the logo and all and the text going down the screen, but the text is slightly scewd of the screen and im missing a few letters i think. Now this seems where i am stuck i dont get any finsihed update i simply get up to the bit where the install saids the following :

running int.d/rcs

openbunto login:

i have tried multiple times to restart the procedure and i get the same thing …

Anyone got any advice as to what to do next ?

i would most appriciate any help

This issue is indicative of an incompatible flash drive.

Take a look at: