Can't mount anything after the ATVflash update

Hi folks,
Hope someone can help out with the problem I have.
We moved houses two weeks ago and we had to change our Internet provider. When I hooked up the appletv I decided to update the atvflash so I downloaded it from ATVflash website. Since doing so my apple tv won’t mount any volumes as it did before. iTunes are having an issue with my appletv as well (port 3689?)
I’m using iMac and I did factory restore on the appletv with reinstalling the atvflash to new and older version and it still won’t do it. I can create a mount but when it comes to mounting it I get an errors network down when trying to use smb setting, AFP missing cannot mount when trying the AFP type.
I figured that newer iTunes block the hacked appletv from connecting to it when trying to sync etc. But can’t figure it out why I can’t mount a volume to watch my movies that I keep on my iMac.
I think the last thing to do would be installing fresh OS on my iMac???
Thanks for any info, suggestions, ideas and help :slight_smile:


Was the Smart Installer re-run after installing aTV Flash? This step will be required anytime the AppleTV system software is updated or a factory restore performed.

Hi Max,

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:
Yes I did run the smart installer, now I can see my iMac in network but get an error that the" AFP is not properly enabled or missing components…with smart installer will fix that issue" when trying to access it. And when Im trying to get into it another error comes up (please press play/pause button to reset the appletv).
Also when creating the mount, the loading thingy goes round and round forever until screensaver kicks in and I have to reset the atv :(.



Unfortunately most newer AppleTVs will not support AFP. SMB can be used in its place.

Hi max, thanks for the info.
Is it possible that my network router doesn’t allow the connection between iMac and my atv?
I tried so many different things and still can’t get it going. Can’t even connect with cyberduck at all, getting DNS error. Or in terminal when I try ssh frontrow@appletv.local it asks for the password after a while but I can’t type it in :frowning:


Actually entering a password in Terminal is a bit deceiving. As a security feature the cursor will not move, and no text will appear, but as long as you enter the correct password and hit enter it should let you log in.

Somehow got it going ;), just did everything from scratch basically. Still having one issue, my atv disconnects from the network every so often for some reason :(. I think it could be to do with the belkin usb network adapter we use on other PC we have on the network.

I noticed that the nitoTV > Applications menu wasn’t enabled by default (under Categories) so I had to enable that before I could see Firefox. As far as I can tell, “all my stuff” works ok: Adobe Flash meaning I can watch hulu and (that’s the important one - hulu’s no biggie ; ), USB drives mount and umount ok, ripped movies from my purchased DVDs play fine (although in letterbox format in the m4v format - if I play the TS_ file, it’s full screen). My next step is to see if I can get a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse working. That adesso with the trackball in the corner seems like my speed - don’t want a separate mouse. Thoughts?