Can't match metadata for Sword Art Online

I’ve tried to rename files a lot of times but I can’t match any metadata for the anime. I’ve tried also with “ソードアート・オンライン” but without result.

Can you provide an example or two of how these files are named?

TV shows have some special naming requirements, and the styles supported in Infuse are listed here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

I’m having a similar issue with this show

In infuse, I searched for this show and only shows movies and some spin-offs

So I went to the TMDB and the show was there!

So I asked on the forum of TMD why can’t I select the show info using the API (meaning from Infuse),

And I got this reply

They say it is because infuse is searching for a movie and not tv show, but doesn’t sound right to me so must be something else but I really don’t understand what is the issue

This is correct. It is a TV series and not a movie. The file names need to use the SxxExx in the file name to tell Infuse to search the TV database instead of the movie database. How do you have the files named?

Sorry, I found the excellent guide at

And that was the solution!!!

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