Can't match Lava Land - How to undo matching

Is there a way to completely undo a metadata matching?

I have a documentary series named Lava Land that TMDB doesn’t see as a series, and it’s been in Other for like a decade.

Somehow Infuse decided to link it to Southern Hospitality. Don’t ask me why because I absolutely see no links with.

8 want to undo this as I rather have it sleep in Other, than have TMDB pollute my Library…

Everything I can see points to this being a movie from 2013 that TVDB entered as a 2 part tv show incorrectly. If you want to you can clean up the TMDB page and add some of the missing info like English synopsis and join the individual segments into one movie.

Also saw it here

I had a similar situation with a group that was in others and it wasn’t worth the hassle to create the info but I wanted to keep them so I just moved them off to a non library directory.

Those is complete bull as TMDB decided this is a German something which it isn’t! Unless my language skills have suddenly etremely deteriorated I would think that it is is English that I hear. If it were Germans who made it then the people have very English names . The two parts I have are a grand total of 103 minutes instead of the 50 I see elsewehere.

It is made by Electric Sky Productions, not by KSM GmbH.
In other words the entire entry is crap!

As I’ve said before I want to be able to decide what my library is, and not some doofus who seemswith a God complex at TMDB.

But… I do get it: The consensus at Forecore is TMDB rules, so nothing is gonna happen… Even though many people are complaining about TMDb and want TVDB. Even though overriding with XML is not overriding.

I think I am going to jump ship to another media player!

Just tried to help. Sorry.

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I don’t know anything about this title, and I couldn’t find any sort of entry on IMDb. TMDB and TheTVDB both have it listed, and both show it being made by KSM - so I assume they are talking about the same title.

I was able to find this German Blu-ray case image, which shows a runtime of 103 min - which maybe means it’s a single movie? I don’t have this title, so I don’t know for sure.

I’m guessing, a German speaker entered the details for this title at TMDB and didn’t bother to add English. I don’t often add details for languages other than English when contributing to TMDB, so I guess other people may do the same.

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I’ve taken the fight to TMDB… I’ve updated a bunch of this entry, let’s see when they start complaining at my address.

Still that does not answer the question of how I can get rid of the entire entry in the cache… Any which way you look at it, it’s definitely not Southern Hospitality, so it is pollution.

I want 100 % control of the library, otherwise it is of no use!

I’ve had this with my iTunes library which was destroyed by Apple, as they replaced my obscure recrodings with crappy versions from their iTunes store and messed up metadate and album covers, so I am extremely sensitive to that.

And with 3000 movies and around 15000 episodes I am really not looking forward to having to create an .nfo for every file in the library…

Infuse used to be awesome, the TVDB decided to ask for money and Firecore embraced TMDB. Unfortunately TMDB changes their opinion like every Tuesday, so in teh last few weeks I already had to redo:

  • Animaniacs
  • Star Trek Next Generation
  • Simply Nigella
  • DreamWorks Dragons
  • Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • South Park

and a few others I don’t remember right now, so I’ve had it with them.

If 100 % control means creating an .nfo for every file… so be it, but do support a Trakt ID or whatever that sets it apart.

I remember a conversation about the series V that got “reimagined” as something else and James said something about an IMDB ID, but still Trakt has several other “internal IDs”

for example. I want to be able to add the external ID for IMDB and have Infuse follow that. This way the Library and its automatic metadata machine learning AI thing becomes more problems than it is worth… I’d rather go back to simply list directories and files!

And Bullseye, my apologies: I didn’t mean to jump on your case. It is just extremely annoying that somehow TMDB calls the shots and they are run by amateurs.

Again… Full control of my library! I don’t want others ruining it ,as TMDB is doing now.

Peace out… It’s sleepy time.

“It is made by Electric Sky Productions, not by KSM GmbH.
In other words the entire entry is crap!”

In which case TVDB won’t be any more accurate as it also says it’s produced by KSM.

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Then they’re wrong as well.

Also, be aware that I never talked about TVDB regarding this documentary.

I talked about Infuse ditching TVDB in favor of TMDB. I said I want 100% control over -->MY<-- library.

If I’m not happy with what a TVDB says I want to be able to change it.

Stupid banner pic, I set a different one. The series/movie is identified wrong I want to re-assign. In this case I want it out completely because the assigning from movie A to movie B is complete bull. So I’d rather have it in Others.

I’ve updated the data on TMDB, we’ll see how they react.

Still. The main point of this topic is 100% control of -->my<-- kibrary

I see this now, this title is NOT (!!) mine. The title I set was ‘Undo Matching’

I want to be able to completely undo a match. I’m not “interested” in Lava Land it is only used as an example…

Just as I’ve given several other examples in my comments

Assuming you want the item to remain unidentified (and not instead chose the item you yourself updated at TMDB) just go to the wrongly identified title and select “use local metadata”. This will disassociate the title from the one it was incorrectly paired with.

And your options beyond that are move it to a folder that is not part of the library to prevent Infuse attempting to index it again, or let it be indexed as the title you edited, or let it be indexed as any title at all and just override all the info with local artwork and nfo.

TMDB depends on users to keep it up. Since I haven’t found fault with in excess of 99% of the information I’ve received from there (for free), I try not to groan about the times I find their information lacking … and instead use the opportunity to ‘give back’ a bit by filling in the gaps.

Do I sometimes wish they (at TMDB) did some things differently? Of course. But I’m just one person in the hundred of millions who either directly use the service or use apps that pull data from it. Just because I’m always right doesn’t mean I should always get my way … Democracy, yay. It’s got to work for everyone. Their moderation and bible being strict and inflexible might be off-putting, but consistency at least is predictable. I can work with predictable.

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