Can't make the artwork work...


so I’m on iPad, all my files are on a network macmini, everything works fin when having a folder with the movie and the folder.jpg. It works perfectly, Infuse shows all my customs pictures.

But I have a problem with a wifi harddrive I’m using for travelling. Same folders…same movies and same folder.jpg. Exactly the same structure !

I’m connecting the ipad in wifi to the hard drive, I’m connecting Infuse wifi to the hard drive, I can see my video folder but no artwork, it does not show the pictures ! I really don’t understand why…

any idea ?

Could it be the hard drives on the mac mini are Mac formatted and this little wifi hard drive is NTFS formatted ? Could it be a reason ? I don’t see why it could…


How are you connecting to the Wi-Fi hard drive? Unfortunately external folder/favorite artwork won’t be available when streaming via UPnP or DLNA.

Well my hard drive is a portable wifi hard drive and in the wifi menu of the ipad, it appears there and I’m just connecting to it

Is it different than when I’m connecting to my macmini ?

You can view the connection method by tapping the Info icon that appears next to the share name in the Add Files menu.

Most Wi-Fi drives support more than one connection type, so you may check the documentation for yours to see if it supports SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. These will all support external artwork.