Can't login to Mac computer

My ATV2 with firecore 1.6 can’t find my Mac or it said fail login.


I’m sure it’s the right login


Think it happen after installing 1.6  or getting my new router, I’m not sure what, because it’s a while ago I last used it


Any ideas ?

I have a similar problem.  I have a Drobo raid connected to my Airport Extreme.  Before the new update, I was able to connect to the drobo as a share.  Now I can find the airport extreme and add it as a share, but it claims there is no content to play.  Could it be that I need to restart the Airport extreme?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



There may be connection problems on your ATV2 or on MAC. Have you tried another MAC? Otherwise try with SMB on Lion and AFP. then see what happens.

Can you try running ‘Test Connection’ on the share setup screen?

If you’re connecting to an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule you will need to enter a username of ‘guest’ along with your disk sharing password.

I have try the Connection Test and it failed.


I haven’t done anything else that upgraded to newest Forecore and change my Router.

I logged into the share on media, i found the smb airport extreme, connected with guest and password, the connection test passed, and the share could not see any materials to playback, although I went into the airport extreme over the network and all of the files on Drobo are there.  The only change is the 1.6 update and the consequent update to media.


can anyone tell me how to mount the share as AFP?  

Well, I couldn’t get it to work as smb but I finally got the AFP to work.  James, you were absolutely right, I just had to add the username of guest on the AFP.  I have no idea why the SMB didn’t work, but its all right for now,


Thank you very much James