Cant login to Boxee

Ive just purchased and installed ATVFlash which works great and was easy to install.
I wanted to give Boxee a go because I hear so many people talk about it.

I went to and created an account. Now when I try to login to Boxee on the Apple TV it always says “Password incorrect”. However if use the exat same details to login on my Macbook it works fine. Is there any trick to it?

no one else with this problem??

Try this, go into Fugu or WinSCP and log into the Apple TV. It should drop you in the frontrow folder and then go to Library > Application Support > and rename BOXEE to something else, i.e. BOXEE2 or 2BOXEE. Get out of Fugu or WinSCP and then log into Boxee on the Apple TV. See if you can log into Boxee now.

I have having an issue also login into boxee via apple tv. When I click on login it changes screens and says connecting after a few seconds the apple logo appears and takes me back to the main screen on apple tv. I have had some success login into boxee but this is after updating boxee and reboting apple tv and this only works sometimes. Does anybody have an idea how i can resolve this problem? :shock:

Have you tried my suggestion above? That seems to fix a lot of Boxee problems.