Can't link Trakt account to Infuse 5 on aTV 4

Just bought an aTV 4 and have installed Infuse 5 on it. Works really well with the video files stored on my NAS.

I registered with Trakt via the website and have a working account, however when I try to link Infuse to it via the app on the aTV it comes up with a code for a few minutes, but when I enter this into the website, the aTV tells me that logic has failed.

Any ideas what I can do ?


Same issue here after uninstalling the app and installing it again. The website says the activation is successful after applying the code and answering yes to connect Infuse to, but the ATV says there was an error. Either it says that something is wrong with the internet connection or it says that Login failed (it switches between these error messages on each try).

Sorry about that. This is a trakt issue that is currently being investigated.

I can’t find any option to add TRAKT.TV account to Infuse Pro 4.3.7
Can anyone help me, please?

Sorry, I found myself after logged in into Firecore in the app