cant JB my apple tv 2 unless its tethered. help!!!

ive previously JB my apple tv 2 successfully using seasonpass 0.9.3. i want to now make it untethered but i was going through the process and it loaded itunes etc, told me to go into DFU mode and was completed. i took the atv off the usb and plugged into in my tv. the apple logo came on then dissapeared and nothing else happend :frowning: what did i do wrong? do i need to power it and use the tethered funciton on season pass or what? help :frowning:

The version of SeasonPass that supports the 5.3 untethered jailbreaking is 0.9.5. It sounds like you need to update your SeasonPass before doing the jailbreak.


You jailbroke it tethered when you used the 0.9.3 version, so yes, you’ll have to tether it to get it to work. You might as well use the 0.9.5 version as itimpi wrote so it would be untethered, a much preferred way to have your ATV.


With the 0.9.5 version, iTunes won’t be needed, so don’t get concerned when iTunes doesn’t open up.