Cant JAILBREAK with itunes 11?!!!!!

Im trying to jailbreak this apple tv 2 but its not working. I just updated my Itunes to iTunes 11 latest version and no dice. Guys on you tube are saying itunes 11 is causing the script error. Any suggestions?

I believe that with iTunes 11 you have to manually select the ipsw file to be restored (Shift/Restore on Windows Option/Restore on Mac to select).

I jailbroke w/ itunes 11 several day ago, all went well.  Download 5.0.2 first, then when attempting to restore w/ itunes 11, hold shift key down while pressing restore.

Do you use the right ipsw file whenappempting the restore?

The right file is located in the library folder on Mac, do NOT use the ipsw file from the tether folder in documents!

I believe I did use the one in the tether folder. Is that not right? Where is the correct IPSW located usually?

Somewhere in the hidden library folder!

I found my file when itunes first started during the seasonpass, then finder came up with the file located in the library/applications something. I just copied that file to my desktop and used that file during the restore!

Im having the same problem…  When everything goes ok then it comes up with “iTunes restore script failed” - I then click the alt key on mac and click restore, I then go into either the firmware folder hidden under library and application bit or I use the other one in tethered but either way it actually says on one moment its restored!!! then when I put it onto tv its NOT jailbroken (as run aTV flash which confirms its not) so I dont actually know what its doing…


ANy ideas?

Same here. When its going through the set up a window pops up on MAC finder showing the IPSW its locating in firware tethered I believe I try to restore using that and does not jailbreak. Seems no one has a real answer. Some people say Itunes 11 is not working some say it does. I wish FIRECORE would address this! I wont pay for ATV flash until they do

Please see here for a workaround.