Cant Jailbreak with GP rc6 and windows 7

Hopefully somebody can help me.

I try to jailbreak my apple tv2 but the problems beginns just with the bloody windows7.

When i put in the micro usb cable, win7 alerts that the usb-device is not identified, so my apple tv2 is not identified, so the jailbreak fails...

can anybody help me or do i need another os ?

Hi bud, i had exactly the same problem as you last night, but i still managed to jailbeak mine (twice, because i installed something on my apple tv through ATVFlash by mistake). Mine said the usb wasn't recognised but i still got it into DFU mode ok. The only way i could get it into DFU was connecting the micro usb and power, hold DOWN + MENU until you see rapid flashing, the hold MENU + PLAY/PAUSE, then launch Greenpoison, it detected mine ok. When i restored my apple tv the first time, because it wasn't recognised on my Windows 7 pc and itunes, i had to restore through the apple tv itself through the reset menu..................Hope this helps you out matey :-)

Thank you for your help, but I always get the message usb-device not idetified. And still through that problem, gp6 dont check that apple tv is in dfü mode.

Does nobody else have win7 and such problems ?

I was successful twice with WIN7 and DPU mode for my Apple TV 2, and jailbreak worked both times.  Basically I just ignored the USB device not identified.  I did move it from USB connector to other connector, as I have about eight different USB outlets on my computer.  try moving it around to trick WIN7 into finding it again. 


This is a pain but you will eventually have success.  Get GREENPOISEN started, and plug in your Apple TV 2, (no power just data).  Then immediately hold down the buttons on your remote to put the Apple TV 2 into DFU mode.  Eventually it will work.  Also you can try adding power cable , but no power seems to work better.