Can't jailbreak my ATV2 with 5.3

I can’t seem to get a jailbreak to go through on my Apple TV2. It was jailbroken before but I didn’t have the ssh blobs backed up. OOPS!! and now I am trying to rejailbreak it on a mac running os 10.6.8. Any suggestions? I have tried Seas0npass version 9.5 and 9.3 but nothing. I ahve been reading and trying for about 12 hours but seem to have run out of options and have pretty much given up. If it is possible, I do have another ATV 2 that is jailbroken but I’m not sure if there is a way to copy that over to this one. Any help would be great.

You’ll have to be more specific on the “can’t jailbreak” and “nothing happens”.
Also, you can’t copy a jailbreak from one ATV to another.

Yeah, so I can’t get a jailbreak to work for me either on my mbp 2011 running 10.7.5., the 9.5 or the 9.3,

I run the jailbeak and either I get an error code(14) or I think (1604) or it goes through but when I hook the apple tv back up to the tv the settings button doesn’t show the Firecore logo… I’ve tried a lot of different ways and computers. Can’t think of why it won’t work.

just did a tethered w/9.3 and it is now jailbroken. on to KODI,

Nope. I tried 9.3 everything goes ok and says ok to disconnect… and when I hook it up no FireCore logo…
It is Apple TV 2 and has been jailbroken before… Any suggestions? OS 5.3 is on it.

Maybe try updating your operating system?