Cant jailbreak, Itunes restores


When I jailbreak i must connect my atv2 to my PC. Itunes opens and after a while everything looks oke. I connect ATV2 to my TV and the light on the ATV2 starts flashing rapidly and on the tv sceen a picture appears that states that i must connet my ATV2 on my PC. Then Itunes recovers or something and puts back the old, not jailbreak/software but the official software back.

Can anybody help? Many thx in advance


It sounds as if you are not doing the tethered boot stage described in   This is required as the current jailbreak for 5.0 firmware is ‘tethered’.

This is required any time the ATV2 loses power or does a hard reset.   When/if an untethered jailbreak becomes available then this need will then be removed.


I donwloaded this file in the above mentioned link but I had already this version. So I have the same question, can anybody help me? If i cannot jailbreak i wasted 40 dollars… Please help!




What has downloading a file go to do with the link I provided?    I was talking about the tethered boot stage that is mentioned in that document?

oke, sorry about that. I dont know what you mean by Thethering. Do you know what I must do?

many thx in advance


Look at the document I linked to.    Following the section on doing the jailbreak there is a section on doing a tethered boot.   The lead in text to that section says that this is only required for some jailbreaks - but the current jailbreak of 5.0 firmware is one that needs it.


Generally, Tethering is the process of using a cell phone or smartphone as a modem for a personal computer. When connect ATV2 to TV, The problem is with either TV connection and the current version of jailbreak software, Try to use the latest version of jailbreak software.

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