cant install

I am cmpletely computer illiterate, thats why I bought atv flash, I now find my self wishing I hadnt. I bought a san disk 1 gb usb drive, all went well till I put it in my atv, atv had a message from atv flash, load failed try another usb drive, I now bought a kingston 4gb, my atv wont recognise it and it starts normally after I have powered down and the inserted the usb… what the fuck this sucks, now I am abou 70 bucks out with a normal atv that isnt satisfying my needs, what do I do

You may try removing the U3 software on your Sandisk drive as described here:

thanks for that, tried that and my apple tv wont still starts up normally. I just did a factory reset and nothing has changed… this is so not as simple as they said

I have the same problem. I used 3 USB flash drives to no avail.

Received following error. Installation Failed! Please try using alternate flash drive.

I have used 3 USB drives ; 4G Geek Squad USB Drive, 1G Kingston Data Traveler Elite, ?

Any suggestions?
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ever get a fix for this? In the same boat here and its crazy that they can't just give a list (up to date one) of what flash drives actually work. Especially for a product that isn't exactly cheap!


actually there is a list of drives in the USB FORUM on this web site.

But fully agree that this is an experiment that might have problems. Any install of ATV Flash.

For others, make sure that you let the apple tv update its internal software to the latest 3.x software from apple web site, before installing ATV Flash. That might fix some issues.

Not sure how to get help for those who have messed up there current Apple TV, and can not get back to the basic firmware. Thats really scary for anyone who is trying to install ATV Flash, as you can “brick” your apple tv. very sad.

A failed installation will only result in the aTV Flash software not being installed - the normal AppleTV software will remain unchanged. If needed aTV Flash can be completely removed by performing a Factory Restore. More info on this procedure can be seen here:

what if your screen is blank completely? You can not do a factory restore, without any access to the device at all.

That seems to be implied with some devices.

If you're not getting any picture on the screen you can try accessing the Recovery menu. More info here: