Can't install PLEX and XBMC is not working properly

After the jailbreak i have installed XBMC and PLEX; I do have some issues with both XBMC and PLEX:


With XBMC I can see all files that are located on my iMac but I can’t play any videos or music or photo’s. I have shared the files from my iMac so as far as I can see it is not a security issue. Somehow it is not picking up these files.


I also installed PLEX through the menu ‘maintain extra’s’ and it shows up in the menu after installing. But once I go to the menu in aTV and select PLEX nothing happens.

I have removed PLEX and installed it again, but unfortenately with the same results.


Who can help me?


I have same problem with plex.the black screen and only plex logo.Please help

hi guys,

i am currently in the middle of this same issue. i dived into very scary waters last night and downgraded the PLEX software to (0.6.4 version?) via SSH using cyberduck and this is the only way i got to even see Plex in the menu.

this doesnt help you, but here i can hopefully help us all: i have 2 external drives connected to my imac, each has 2 directories a) 1. Documentaries 2. Movies and b) 1. Sport 2. TV

i have found no problem whatsoever in finding and playing all the files in drive a, but nothing from drive b will play. i renamed a single tv show exactly to specifications in the plex naming conventions (from the plex wiki - at work atm so wont send link) and will see if this is the issue. i will also see if it is just that it will only work with 1 external drive (although that makes no sense to me…).

funny thing is i can still play everything via Media menu where both external drives are accessible…