Can't install Nito Smart Installer

Just purchased ATV Flash for my first-gen Apple TV.  Everything went fine, but can’t install Nito Smart Installer.  It downloads the DMG file and then gives an error to the effect that “mhelper has the wrong permissions or owners to work properly”.   Then, when I try to access Smartinstaller, I get the “Install partial or failed” screen with a blue Exit button. 


I have tried removing the DMG file from the Documents folder, and then reinstalled; I have also downloaded the DMG file from Apple and copied it into the Documents folder.  I have also installed Nito TV. No love. 





Can you confirm the nitoTV item is currently installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu?


thanks, that helped - also usable wirh general problems with nito smart installer.

After a little messing around, i fixed it.  Posted a blog post on it in case others have the same issue: 


2/23/15 edited to correct the URL