cant install- micro usb port only

is there any other way of installing atv flash as my atv only has a micro usb port and it is partially obstructed by the power cable, so even if you had an adapter the cable cannot be inserted at the same time as the power. thanks

ATV Flash is not installed via the micro-USB, but via the network.  

Have you successfully jailbroken the system with SeasonPass (or an equivalent)?  This step DOES use the micro-USB port but at that stage you are not using the HDMI port (which is the one that normally interferes with the micro-USB).

thanks for your reply and sorry my bad, yes its the hdmi thats obstructing, i have done the seasonpass jb and have the temporary FC logo at the moment on the ATV.are there instructions in the support pages for installing via the network, i have only found instructions for a full size usb/flash drive install. cheers and thanks

If you saw any instructions for a full size USB install that must have been for the original AtV Flash product on the ATV1, not for ATV Flash (black) on the ATV2.

Instructions for installing ATV Flash Black can be found here in the knowledge base in the Support section of the FireCore site.