Can't install MediaCloud with ATV 3.2

Hello,I am in trouble.
I just installed ATV Flash 3.2 on my Apple Tv.
I’d like to install too the MediaCloud Plugin to use UPnP features with the Apple Tv.
To Install MediaCloud, I have to install some files in usr/local/lib/, but have a"Could’nt get handle: Permission denied", since thise folder is a Root folder.
The frontrow password doesn’t work in this case.
So, do you have a workaround ?
Thanks in advance
( PS : Wasn’t Mediacloud included in the previous version of ATV Flash ?)
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The current media cloud version is not compatible with the new Apple TV 2.1 software. Also, many users have reported having issues with media cloud and the stability of their Apple TV. Until we can work with the author to provide a more stable, 2.1 compatible version media cloud will not be included in the aTV Flash package.

That’s annoying… :frowning:
Do you know an other way to use the Apple Tv as a UPnP media player ?

I know, its like whats the point then??

Just FYI, this is a great place to see if AppleCore has updated their installer to include new software, fixes… but it’s not the best place to get answers about the latest updates to the included plugins. You should be looking at the AwkwardTV forums or looking for the author’s page (for MediaCloud). I’m also frustrated, especially since I spent 2 hours last week getting MediaTomb installed on my Mac to be the media server (it required installing a bunch of Unix ported software and using CLI a lot ;-p… PM me if you need directions on that one).

That said… if you do find the answer somewhere else, be sure to come back and post your experience here aa well.

You should be looking at the AwkwardTV forums or looking for the author’s page (for MediaCloud)

I sent a mail to the author of MediaCloud, yesterday, asking about the upcome of a new version.
I’ll post here if I get an answer.