Can't install Flash 3.6.1

I’ve recently downloded 3.6.1 to install it on my aTV.
Even if the flash creation seems to work, my aTV doesn’t boot on it.
I’m using a 1g0 flash drive, very common, I’ve used to install previous Flash release
But now I’m not able to boot on it to upgrade aTV with Flah !

What’s wrong with this release !!!

Thanks for help !

Neither can I. It stops in the middle of the installation.

Are you two at all comfortable with the Terminal in OS X? If so check this out and see if it helps you:

I’ve tried the method developped here, but when I try to create the new partition, using gpt, i’ve got an error saying " not enough space available"

Could anyone help me on this topic !

thanks for your help !

For information, here what I have after modifying the disk :

MacBook-TAK:dev takervella$ gpt -r show /dev/disk1
start size index contents
0 1 PMBR
1 1 Pri GPT header
2 32 Pri GPT table
34 6
40 409600 1 GPT part - 5265636F-7665-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC
409640 7221168 2 GPT part - 5265636F-7665-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC
7630808 8243207
15874015 32 Sec GPT table
15874047 1 Sec GPT header

Is there something wrong that makes the USB disk unable to boot on !

Thanks for your help !

PS : for information, it’s a 8Go usb dongle !