Can't install Extras Through Maintainance

Hey Everyone

Just bought and installed atv flash (black). All went well with no problems.

When I go to the maintaince menu however and click install (on xbmc for example but it happens with all extras) it goes through the process fine, says the extra is installed, it then reboots on after I click yes but the installed software does not appear afterwards???

I have internet access, youtube works fine

Please help


I also have the same problem when i try install XMBC, Rowmote and Media player etc. works fine.


i have the same problem, i cannot install xbmc and, but i can install surf browser.

anyone can help me with this problem. i tried many times to install xbmc, it says installed as ask me to reboot, after that i cannot find xbmc on my apple tv.


same here with media player or nito TV

I fixed it enabling Home Sharing and AirPlay on aTV

while installing again aTV Flash

Then extras can install quickly