Can't install aTV Flash

Jailbroken successfully with latest vesion of Seasonpass. When running the aTV flash installer it states that I have the latest installer, finds my apple tv and then breifly dispays “transferring files” and then crashes. I’ve rebooted both the Applet TV and my PC but the issue still persists. Any idea what’s going on?




Hmm, that doesn’t sound good.

Would you mind opening a support ticket and attaching the ‘FC_Installer’ file found in the Documents folder?


I was able to resolve my problem! Once you posted where the log file was located, I started reading and found this error;

'Exception classes:  
Exception messages:
   Access to the path ‘C:\Users\Fleischer\AppData\Local\Temp\payload.tar’ is denied."

Turns out it was a permissions issue. I wasn’t able to resolve it on my local machine (not sure if there’s a virus or what) but I was able to run the installer from a server in my basement. aTV Flash is now installed!

Great! Glad to hear you’re up and running.