Can't install ATV Flash Black

For some reason I’m unable to install ATV Flash Black beta 5. ATV2 is at version 4.2.2 8F305 and its jailbroken with Pwnage
Homesharing and Airplay are both enabled. Installer tells me that ATV either not connected to internet, or beta 5 is too old. However, ATV is connected to internet: I can see movie trailers, I can download packages through nittoTV and etc. Beta 5 is the latest and only package I can see in Downloads section of my account.
Using Mac OSX 10.6.7, so Bonjour is installed and enabled automatically. Firewall is off on laptop, home network is using Airport Extreme.

P.S. I’ve tried jailbreaking with Seasonpass, but it just hangs forever while trying to unzip ipsw.

Never mine, I got both SeasOnPass and ATV Flash issues resolved. You might want to stick somewhere the solution.

My issue with SeasOnPass was that it hang at unzipping forever. Turns out my ara is still affected by Apple providing incomplete firmware AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F305_Restore

The solution to this for now is to download complete firmware from somewhere else, copy it to Tether folder. Google for AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F305_Restore

To install aTV Flash Black I had to turn off Little Snitch.

Jailbreak can be done by either Pwnage tool or SeasOnPass, doesnt matter wich one is used.

Hope it helps someone…

Same issue here hanging at UNZIPPING Stage is there a direct link to where i can find the file.

Or should i just get a refund?


sent you a dm with a link…

sorry but now that I downloaded the link (thanks felix) what do I do do I re run season pass?



copy firmware file to Tether folder in your documents.

run SeasOnPass, click “Create IPSW”, it will find firmware and run automaticaly.

for the purpose of jailbreaking though, it doesn’t matter if you use Pwnage tool or SeasOnPass or Sn0wBreeze

all the instructions are in

If it begins to download the software then I assume it is not finding the file in MY DOCUMENTS/TETHER folder?

Am I missing a step?

you’re probably not copying to correct folder. I’m on mac, Tether folder was already in my Documents. Not sure what the location is for Windows…

try to ALT+Click on Create IPSW… It will ask you where the firmware is, the rest is the same…

Thanks will give it a go later …

No prob… It’s frustruating for sure…


Hi Felixt May I know what is the Little Snitch that you turn off? I have issue installing ATV Flash Black Beta 6 though I have jailbreak my ATV2 using Season 0.7.7. The installation error is Error (9.100). I have also described the issue on the topic Error (9.100) which two other users have encounter before.


Do you have any other 3rd party software intalled on your ATV?

Have exactly the same problem as tansc.

Used SeasOnPass to JB the apple tv 2 and have no 3rd party products so far on it.

The error when installing aTV Flash is:

The installation error is Error (9.100).


Little Snitch is a software firewall for Mac. It prevents unauthorized programs installed on your Mac from accessing the internet. 

Hi all,

Just an update. I have installed XMBC and when I go back to ATV2 the ATV Flash (black) menu appeared. I do not have any 3rd party software prior to that. 


For Seasonpass, it hangs when I was using its Windows version but managed to jailbreak with Mac.