Can't install aTV Flash (black) RC1

Hi! Please help me out. I have an aTV2 with 4.3. I’ve made jaibreak and installed prevous beta of aTV Flash. Now I can’t install RC1. I’ve downloaded it from my accound, but it says:

  1. You are not connected to the Internet.

  2. This version of aTV Flash (black) is out to date.


I’m connected to the Internet. What is the problem? Should I update iOS to 4.4 before, make another jailbreak and install RC after it? Or what?

If you already have an earlier version of ATV Flash (black) installed on the ATV2 then the easiest way to update it is via the Maintenance menu on the ATV2 itself.


Thnx. I’ve already found that solution by myself. :slight_smile: But it would be great if the administration has put this info somewehere in release notes for example.

WHen I got the email mentioning that RC1 was available, it pointed me to the blog entry which DID point this out (it was mentioned after the lsit of changes).

i cant update to rc1 via maintenance or through the laptop

on maintenance it says installed, but the log says unable to install to the directory stated

via laptop it says failed to transfer files…help please, thanks

I do have earlier version of ATV Flash 6 and beta 7 but all I am getting same message “Oops…”

My ATV 2 4.3 (2557) is jailbroken and I have installed nitoTV and XBMC using putty but I really like to flash my aTV Flash beta 7 or 7 or RC1 which ever works. Please help and post if any solution.



You can download the RC1 version through the Downloads tab in your account.

Works perfect but now having issues with XBMC and this works for 2 days and started to close right after launching but that also resolved from XBMC forums.

You guys are great and will buy LifeTime membership when this expired.

I want to ask you legal question.

Is this jailbreaking and instaling XBMC is legal or illegal?

Thanks for you help