Can't install atv black - Oops, the aTV Flash (black) installer cannot proceed

Please help me out. I have a black Apple TV. It’s now jailbroken but I can’t install aTV Flash (black). The installer returns this error message:

Oops, the aTV Flash (black) installer cannot proceed.

This is due to 1 of 2 things:

1. You're not connected to the Internet.

2. This version of aTV Flash (black) is out to date. Please download the latest...


I'm connected to the Internet and I have the latest version of aTV Flash (black). What could be causing this?

I had updated my Apple TV to 4.4 before jail breaking, but now it's 4.3. Could that be the issue?

Please help.

Are you using the latest 1.0 installer?

Any firewall software installed?

I downloaded the latest dmg file last night and I disabled Little Snitch before attempting.

No ideas?

Can you double-check the version to ensure it is in fact the 1.0 version?

The version info can be found by right-clicking the installer, and select ‘Get Info’.

Sorry for the lateness of this post.

I had WiFi issues that kept my computer from seeing the Apple TV but was still connecting to the Internet. All’s well now. Thanks!