Can't install anything

I Jailbreak easily without any error messages but unfortunately I can't install anything in either the menu for Maintenance or Nito TV. In maintenance I'm getting "Installation failed ... couldn't find package com.firecore.lastfm tree... " and in Nito TV for all of the packages available I'm getting "Installation Failed! ... unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get-f-install" with no packages (or specify a solution). etc..

Is there anybody else that has the same problem and is there a fix?  I also tried to add a weather station and when I click on the new one the screen goes black and returns to the main menu of Apple TV.

It is a bit disappointing since I think the worst has been done but nothing is working in the new menu. I downloaded the latest versioin of atv Flash Beta 2 and reinstall it severals time already but to no avail.

Thanks Firecore for your help and for SeasonPass since it is really making it easier to Jailbreak ATV Black.

p.s I used the following instruction from one of the person in the forum (THANKS ALOT) so maybe it will help for anyone having difficulties jailbreaking.


"I had the same problem when trying to jailbreak.... After a bit of playing around I found the following process to work: 1) Connect ATV2 up to a power source (contrary to the instructions)). 2) Open iTunes 3) Hook up the micro USB. 4) Then remove the power cable (standby light should be blinking), wait a second or two and then press 'menu' and 'pause' together for 7 seconds."

I followed the same instructions for both to create the IPSW and to Boot Tethered.  Hope it helps someone. If it doesn't work after Jailbreaking and Boot Tethering to delete the newly created IPSW and start all over again (do a Spotlght search to get all instances of IPSW).


Sorry. I found in the forum that I needed to use 0.65. I redid the steps again and now everything is working great. I'm able to install applications. Thanks Firecore for everything!