Can't get the correct aspect ratio on movies

I’m having a hard time getting XBMC to view my DVDs correctly. I changed the one setting to the max at 20% which fixed it a bit, but there’s still about 2 inches of black bar on the top and bottom on a 1.85:1 movie where there should be none. I have a 65 inch HD tv. I’ve searched hi and low for the setting to fix it. There the one setting that let’s you choose something like 1080x1220 or “windowed” but those are the only two settings it gives. Any help?


Do you have AppleTV 3.0.1 running?

Have you set video to 1080p under Audio&Video?

Have you set video to 720p in XBMC?

Where exactly can I set 720p or 1080i in XBMC? Like I said, I could only find under system where it gives me that one aspect ratio or “windowed”. Thanks

In the Confluence desktop in XBMC, you go to:

System → System → Display. then set it to 720p.

…and you will currently never see 1080i or 1080p since AppleTV does not support that for applications, only for output.

I am looking at the Confluence > Display Settings and it’s only giving me 1280x1080 @ 60.00 - Full Screen. The other option is Windowed. I wish it would give me more settings. I’ve updated all my software according to my knowledge base. Please advise.

How is the AppleTV connected to your TV? Mine is connected using HDMI, and I have never seen anything higher than 720p in the XBMC Display settings.

Maybe try and totally wipe XBMC&Boxee and reinstall?

Howto Totally Uninstall Boxee/XBMC:

  1. Open your SSH client program.
  2. At the command line prompt ($), type in the following:
    • ssh frontrow@your.appletv.ip.address.from.step.2
  3. You might be asked if you are sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no). Type yes.
  4. You will be prompted for a password. The default password is frontrow.
    • frontrow
  5. Type in the following one line at a time:
    • sudo rm -rf /Applications/
    • sudo rm -rf /Applications/
    • sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/
    • rm -rf /Users/frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/BOXEE/
    • rm -rf /Users/frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/XBMC/
  6. You should now reinstall Boxee/XBMC from scratch.

I’ve connected via component video not hdmi. are there more than just the 720 options?

ATV Supports 1080i !! Where did you get your info at ??
(Its Probably Up scaled to it) but nerveless 1080i is there. :sunglasses:

You probably do not want to run it at 1080i, but rather 1080p, or XBMC and other apps might have an incorrect aspect ratio.