Can't get past the Apple logo screen.....

I just did the 3.5 installation. (I did not have a previous version installed on the Apple TV.) Everything seemed to go just fine. The text scrolled on the left side of the screen and it got to the bottom where it says “done” "power off…etc…
So I powered off, removed the thumb drive, and powered back on. Again…everything seemed to go fine. I saw the startup where all the little squared move around and everything… but…it eventually went to the Apple logo, and just stays there. I pressed the menu button on the remote eventually and the square menu screen where you usually pick movies, music, etc…but there wasn’t any text in the box that said music, movies…etc. just the square. I eventually powered off and powered back on again… the same thing happens. It will never get past the Apple logo on screen to get to the menu screen. What the heck. I’m stuck now. I don’t even know how to get back to just having it the way it comes out of the box. What do I do now? Any help would be much, much appreciated. Thanks. :shock:

Well…seems I can at least restore it. I left it alone for a while and went back to it… when it came up on screen it had the options: restart, run diagnostics, or restore the Apple TV to factory settings. Well at least I know I can get back to normal. I’m going to run diagnostics first and see what it says… I’m done…it says the Apple TV is working correctly. I think I am going to try restart to see if it will work. If not…maybe the choices will come up again and I’ll just restore to factory settings.
Nope…tried to restart and it goes through the screen where all the colored squares move around and the Apple TV with the beam of light coming down to it…etc. But then the Apple logo comes on and stays for 20 sec or so…and goes off, and comes back on. If you press the menu button, the square menu does come up like I said in the other post…but there’s no text in it.
Oh well…guess I’ll do a factory reset. Very frustrating. I was looking so forward to getting this on the Apple TV because I’ve heard so much about Boxee and all the other stuff on there. Darn.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Let me know if you have any questions after you get it up again or if not then still ask away.

Well…I finally got it to work. I wanted to post what I think I might have done wrong before…in case it might help someone else.
I believe my trouble was formatting the thumb drive. When I did it THIS TIME, I clicked the little Option button within Disk Utility (on the Mac). I then selected the second choice which says “zero out the data”. Before I just did the first one which just deletes the links to all the files on the thumb drive so they can’t be found or selected. I read on your forum that someone had the best luck with formatting the “mount point” as it is called in Disk Utility, first. (which is the little drop down, from the thumb drive) Then, selecting the actual drive name which is right above the mount point…and formatting it second. Both of them with selecting the “zero out data” in the Options button. The thumb drive I was using had a previous version of aTV Flash on it, and I believe the data that wasn’t erased might have been causing the problem. I could be wrong, but that is all that I did different this time…and it worked. I followed all the instructions that came with the aTV Flash download. (run the aTV Flash application right from the DMG disk image. Don’t drag it to your computer. And, make sure you have the downloaded OS Boot dmg mounted (double click on it)
Hope all of that helps someone. Thanks. :smiley:

Glad to hear it’s working for you. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble, the flash drive issue is the most common problem we run into.