I cannot seem to get the remote to work with the atv in order to get to DFU mode. What is the deal? i held onto the home and play buttons for 7 seconds and never works?

It's all a matter of timing, isn't it?.. Hopefully you have gotten it timed successfully by now.

I found that my success rate in getting into DFU was improved if I primarily used the audiovisual prompts offered within Pwnage Tool during the JB setup wizard.

Pwnage Tool gives a graphic of the button push and countdown, and even a subtle beep for the timing of button pressing and releasing.

By following only those and not a perfect stopwatch, I always ended up getting into DFU mode, yet sometimes it took more than 1 try.

(I have jb'd multiple iPhones and only 1 Pad, haven't done the black aTV yet. [just ordered my black aTV, not yet arrived, hoping that it doesn't ship with iOS 4.2.1...])

i'm pretty nimble at this stuff and even i haven't gotten it to work, it's almost been impossible. plus, i have already successfully done my older apple tv (white model) and that was a cinch. this timing bs is really annoying me and i was a pro drummer!!!!!

hey man - i know what you are feeling - i had a lot of trouble with it - seems like none of the instructions i read were quite right or detailed enough - i now - through trial and error have it down pretty good - it is a matter of timing - here are my instructions:

have a laptop at your tv and apple tv 2 - have the apple tv 2 power cord in and plugged in and the micro usb cable connected to your laptop - start itunes and terminal - insert the initial two commands into terminal - when the "must be in dfu mode to continue" starts looping get your apple tv 2 remote - point it at atv2 and observe the led on front - press down and menu at the same time and count to 6 at about 1 sec intervals - you will see the led change rhythm right about the count of 6 - release both and quickly press menu and play at the same time - count to 6 - you will see another change of the led - release both - itunes should have reacted as well as the read out in terminal - after terminal has run it's course - leaving the atv2 plugged in - remove the micro usb cable and insert the hdmi cable - it will cycle a bit and start - if your tv isn't on already turn it on and you will see your jailbroken atv2 come up - if it doesn't work just begin again at the point where you press down and menu....

btw - i'm a drummer too! - regards - pik

ps - the same instructions apply to when you are doing your initial jailbreak using pwanage - do it with a laptop at the location of your tv and atv2 - if you have to unplug the atv2 you will have to do a tethered reboot which is what is described above...

I just unplugged the apple tv, went through initial setup on the apple tv on the tv. Then unplugged and hooked back up to the computer and went straight to DFU in pwange. I got it to work the first time after i did that.