Can't get ISOs to play on ATV 4K

I’m having trouble playing ISOs from my NAS on the ATV 4K.

I’m using version 7.3. 10 (4085) with the Pro trial. The NAS folder is mounted with SMB. Speed is good.

When I play an ISO, I only get the soundtrack audio from the main menu (when it has audio) and a black screen.

All the many other file formats that I have play on Infuse with no problem. Also, the same ISOs will play perfectly from the NAS when I open them with VLC on another streaming device (nVidia Shield TV). All the devices are on Ethernet, not WiFi.


When you try playing it can you go to video settings and select a different title. It is supposed to auto select the longest title, I believe.

Thanks for replying.

While playing ISOs, when I pull down the video menu it’s showing that it is playing the longest (by time) video, e.g., “Title1”. For ISOs that have additional features, they default to the longest when I select Play, but I notice when I select one of the shorter videos it actually plays but with a pixelated, distorted video image.

Also I noticed that the audio I hear is in fact from the main title, not just the main menu i mistakenly said in my first post.

Looking in other independent forums, it seems this is a not-uncommon bug/fail. At least I found out during the trial period. If anyone finds this topic by search, just waving you off as a favor.