Cant get into applications menu/some things won't work

Hey all, I am new to the ATV hacking world. So. Bear with me.

I installed all the extras (Firefox, Crystal HD, Flip4Mac, Air Mouse)
at first they worked, I got into FFX and used Air Mouse. Then I installd the rest (at first I only installed FFX and Air mouse) of the extras.

Now, the “Install extras” menu says everything is installed, but Maintenence settings says Air Mouse as well as many other extras arn’t installed.

In addition, If I go to the nitoTV>Applications menu, It A- won’t let me in and B- Makes the sound like a reachd the end of a list of menu items (you know, the “bum”)

How do I
A-Make Maintenence settings recognize that I have those extras installed
B-Make the Applications menu in nitoTV work

I appreciate your help

You may try removing and reinstalling the apps through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu as described here:

Did that, thx