Can't get Infuse to work with iOS DocumentProviders (e.g. Boxcryptor)

Boxcryptor is an iOS FileProvider / DocumentProvider extension, and shows up as a destination in It basically e2e encrypts your files and stores the encrypted files on the cloud provider of your choice, but locally, on the device, the files are available unencrypted if you navigate via Files → Boxcryptor.

In Infuse, I tried to Add Local Files, and used the Files app UI to navigate to this directory, where I had numerous movie files, but Infuse saw 0 files.

Also, in Files, I connected to an SMB Server, and then back in Infuse, I tried to see if I could play anything off of that either (again, by choosing Add Local Files), but the chosen directory contained 0 files accordingly to Infuse.

I know that I can just connect directly in Infuse and have now done that, but I thought it was interesting that in both of these scenarios, Infuse couldn’t see what Files could see.

I’m not familiar with Boxcryptor, but I know with services like pCloud which offer encrypted files, they do not make these files available to 3rd party apps like Infuse which use their API.

If the local (unencrypted files) are working (via the Files or Add Local Folder options in Infuse) it may be a similar case here.

With regard to SMB shares set up in the Files app, these cannot be used and setting up a normal SMB share in Infuse will be your best option here.