Can't found the Apple TV

Windows XP

SeasonPass Jailbreak

The Install TV Flash (black) said:


The AppleTV is on the wifi network and can see my computer and my iphone too

Please somebody have an idea what happen?


Please ensure AirPlay is enabled as this is required for the installer to locate the AppleTV.

I have Windows 7, jailbreak with Season Pass. But then ATV Flash (Black) Beta 5 installer says "Sorry no Apple TV devices could be found but I can see the computer from the ATV and I can control ATV with iPad no problem. Airplay is enabled on ATV as well. Any ideas?

Please try re-installing Bonjour to see if this helps.

Brilliant thanks James! It worked like a dream. Apparently you need Bonjour as well as iTunes for it to work.

Great. The installer does have a check which should prompt you to install Bonjour if not present on your system…though it looks like we might need to rework that a bit.

Glad you’re up and running. :)

(I also posted this in the ATV g1 by accident, sorry about that)

@alejandrow.8784 Did you get it sorted? I am having the same problem.


Cannot detect my Apple tv device during setup. Just got aTV Flash for my new ATV 2. Jailbroken with Seasonpass, firmware on device is 4.2.2 (season pass in the menu). Airplay turned on (can send video's from iphone to ATV, look at TED network video's via the iphone app, etc) , network connection working (under Movies the In Theaters option is there), network strength all bars are lit up.


During setup I get the error: SOrry, no apple tv device could be found. please ensure your apple tv is powered on and connected to the network with Airplay enabled.


Yes is the answer to all the above. Click on back and try again, still no connection.

would like to include that the bonour service was installed again too without any luck ( Running Vista business 32bit. ATV can access my itunes library and can see my computer


Anybody out there with some advice would be much appreciated.


Regards to all.