Can't Find TV Shows - Naming is Correct

Hi All,

I am trying to add the show “Hotel Del Luna” to my catalog. I have named the episodes Hotel-Del-Luna_S01E01 and onward.

I have tried many different naming patterns given by the support page with no luck. When I hold click on the Folder it only gives me the option to “Create/Add Playlist” and not “Search for Metadata”.

Why is this happen? I can elaborate more just need questions to answer :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshot showing how you have them named and stored in you folders.

Also to manually select a show from tvdb, you need to long press on any episode, not on the folder.

Hey, When I edit metadata and select the show nothing changes. It appears but nothing updates and it stays as a folder.

Are you then selecting the given choice?

hahah yes of course, I select it and nothing happens, When I go back into this menu after selecting no tick is present, I try it for each episode and nothing changes. Tried moving the folders Directory and then back and same result.

Do you have it setup like this;

(folder) Hotel Del Luna
— (folder) season 1
——— hotel.del.luna.s01e01.mkv
——— hotel.del.luna.s01e02.mkv
——— hotel.del.luna.s01e03.mkv
and so on…

One other thing to check. When you long press do you have “Use Local Metadata” enabled for this show? If so then turn that off.

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Yes that is the file format I have for the Shows


Answering your other question. It has Local Metadate in the top Right of the folder in Infuse but not option to change unless changing individual episodes, which dosn’t save. I have 1 other show doing this. with others I had fixed with similar issue. Not sure why this one is such a hassle.

This is your problem. You should be able to long press on the favorite that contains all of those and change it from local to fetch metadata.