cant find my series (metatag ??)



I can not manage to get all my series visible,this is very frustrating.

i got a serie (see appendix) but i can’t get it visible and i cant find the reason and i have this with more series .

what am i doing wrong can anyone tell me be
course i cant find the reason i think the name and s01 E02 etc is good but stil no information in my lib.


and some series “Dokter Tinus” (dutch serie)  folder is Dokter Tinus in the folder are 3 files called Dokter Tinus DVD1 (DVD2 and DVD3)

and when i look it up in the lib it saying Blade ? and when i click on it i see 3 dvdś called Blade season1,sesoen2 and season3 but with the meta picture of dokter tinus ?


al this is giving me a headache becourse i dont understand what i’am doing wrong, can anyone help me ?



PS not al series som popup en work fine but 2 of 3 series a cant get it right ?.






same with serie Revenge.

Folder name:  Revenge 

sub folder : Revenge Season01

Sub folder : Revenge Season02


but no metadata or visible in the lib.

(PS also try Revenge S01, but dident work also)